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Disasters with Polyblend non-sanded grouts

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Tile with patches of grout embedded in the tile. (this part of the tile doesn’t look real bad, but you didn’t see the worst of it that I didn’t take pictures of… )

OK- so you would think the warnings and instructions would boldly explain the issues you would have with this type of grout on textured or non sealed tiles.  THEY DON’T!

This was the situation…

Tile was grouted, and large patches of grout  remained on the tiles after washing and washing, scrubbing and scrubbing for a couple of hours!  We were about to give up, and live with it.  We took a break and searched the internet with no luck finding a similar problem or solution.  The only thing we found was if you experienced a haze to use a vinegar and water solution.

So we decided to use straight vinegar with a wire and vegetable brush, and  we went at it again.  We were pleasantly surprised that it started coming off!

So for all of you that experience Polyblend non- sanded grout disasters,

try pure vinegar, a brush and a little muscle!

Tile looking good with no grout!


Author: iamsammm

Love crafts, paint, carve, love my power tools, will try anything arts & crafts once!

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